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Northern Virginia Building Industry AssociationSo, you are considering a slate shingle roof for your home. Slate shingle roofs last and add a substantial value to your home. If you want the best looking and longest lasting roof natural slate is the way to go. Your new Natural slate shingle roof will make your house the gem of the block.

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In America slate used for slate roofs comes from five main slate producing regions. The quality is typically excellent and extremely long lasting. Slate has been used in Europe as a roofing material for hundreds of years and even dates back to the 8th Century. In America all slate was imported from north Wales through the 17th to the 19th Century, slate was the most common roofing material back then. The very first American slate quarry started in 1785 in Pennsylvania. Slate businesses in the U.S. At that time where very small since they were local until later in the 19th Century.

  • Temperature stability
  • Completely fireproof
  • Lower net energy costs

Better Business BureauThe industry grew dramatically due to of population growth, quarrying technology and the creation of the rail road system. The United States became a slate exporter as a result. Slate reached its largest peak in the United States from the years 1897 to 1914. After those years slate wasn't used as widely, cheaper alternatives as roofing options became available which are not as long lasting and as high of quality. However, slate is still produced and currently is the highest quality material for your roofing needs. Slate is the most extremely suitable as a roofing material it has an extremely low water absorption index of less than even 0.4%. Natural slate, that requires only a very small amount of processing, has the very lowest embodied energy of any other roofing material.

Once again, thanks for the great work on our roof during troublesome weather – I’m glad we’re all done and covered up. We are very pleased with the dedication of Jesus and his team, the quality and workmanship of the roof, the quality of materials you selected for the shake, the skylights, and the copper accents, and for the measures you required the men to take to ensure their safety on our difficult roof.

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Five Star RatedWhether you are building your house, your castle, or your legacy, you should consider the extra value of the one of the oldest roofing products on earth. Slate roofing has protected houses and buildings for two thousand years. A slate roof with the right slate plus a knowledgeable application will last at least one-hundred years or more. Slate has proven to be the longest lasting and best-looking roofing product of world. Slate has even stood the test of time over the past 2000 years. You can't go wrong when choosing the best of something as classic as slate. Natural Slate is specifically a type of roof tile or are a type of roof shingle. Slate has two lines of breakability cleavage and also grain this makes it possible to split the stone up into thin sheets. When broken, slate even retains a natural looking appearance while remaining fairly flat and easy to stack. Slate is rock consisting of crystalline rock created from years of deposits of slit and clay.

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YelpThere are only three types of slate: igneous, clay and mica. Although mica is the only kind of slate that is used in slate roofing. Slate roofing materials can come actually in many colors from green, sea green, to grey, black, blue-black, purple, and also red. Slate roofing can be both unfading in color or fading which means it can change with the weather or elements it is exposed to.

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Slate used for slate roofs comes from five main slate producing regions. Quality is typically excellent and long lasting.


If building your house or your legacy, you consider the extra value of the one of the oldest roofing products on earth.


Certainly, natural slate offers many environmental benefits and is extremely durable since it is a durable natural resource.

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Natural slate is so popular amongst building professionals because of its durability and beauty. Natural slate offers many environmental benefits and is extremely durable since it is a natural resource.

  • Resistant to degradation
  • No detrimental substances
  • Classic Appearance

Its low tendency to absorb water also makes it very resistant to breakage due to freezing or frost damage. Natural slate is extremely energy efficient, highly waterproof, and fire resistant. It requires almost no kind of maintenance.

National Roofing Contractors AssociationThere are many different sizes of slate tiles that slate can be cut into when produced traditionally. These are Countesses, Princesses, Duchesses, Narrow Countesses, Narrow Ladies, Broad Ladies, Wide Ladies, Drains (various sizes) and 14 x 10's.The key to a great slate roof is having a roofing company such as Summit Roofing that can offer the highest quality slate for the project and install the slate correctly so the owner can pass the house down to their grandchildren with the same slate roof.

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