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Whether you need a minor roof repair on your Herndon VA townhome or a complete replacement of your Reston VA roof, Summit Roofing has decades of experience serving the unique communities or Reston and Herndon VA. We’ve grown with the area and know the needs and ideals of the community, from construction regulations to distinct neighborhood aesthetics.

Whether you own an efficient condo on one of the burgeoning Town Center hubs of Herndon, or a stately home nestled back amongst the wooded paths of Reston, Summit Roofing has the expertise, the craftsmen, and the know-how to keep your home at its absolute best.

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Reputable Roof Repair Services

Roofing your Herndon VA or Reston VA home need not be a hassle with the professionalism, commitment to service, honesty, and efficiency that Summit Roofing has been giving its Northern Virginia customers for the last 3 decades. Our tradition of customer-oriented business means that your neighbors have used us and recommend us – just ask!

A colonial gem with modern convenience, Herndon is unique in both charm and character. You chose Herndon for your home or business in order to get the best of both old and new, so why would you trust your Herndon roof repair to anyone other than the family owned company as invested in the region as you are? Summit Roofing has been conducting roof replacement and roof repair in Herndon for nearly four decades. We know the ins and outs of both the legal and aesthetic requirements to keep your colonial charm, as we’ve carefully preserved historical sites in addition to building sleek new construction.

Reston and Herndon VA Roofing Experts

Colonial and historical homes are desirable and charming yet can often be drafty or poorly insulated due to old or inefficient construction. Our professionals are trained in the latest in energy-saving roofs, windows, and siding. With generation-spanning experience in Herndon roof repair, you can trust that we are familiar with the particular requirements for your home or business. We will ensure that your colonial home maintains character while bringing it up to date with the latest energy saving and environmental standards.

Summit Roofing’s experience as one of the longest serving roofing companies in Herndon VA, our familiarity with the historical register codes and regulations will make sure the right job is done the first time. Summit Roofing has grown alongside Herndon, helping it blossom from a small, isolated historical site to one of the growing destinations in the Metro Area. Our personal interest and investment in the area means we’re not just worried about getting you the right roof, we’re focused on maintaining your community.

The Roof Replacement Professionals

Summit Roofing has been among the top trusted roofing companies Reston VA has trusted for the last three decades. From cozy, elegant town center condos to stately and free-standing golf course homes, Reston has a diverse offering of beautiful homes to choose from in its peaceful community. Summit has been roofing Reston VA houses and townhomes for more than thirty years, and can help you which whatever your maintenance, replacement, or roof repair in Reston VA need might be.

You know that if you choose Summit out of the roofing companies Reston VA residents has to choose from, you’ll receive exceptional customer service and quality work for an outstanding value. If you use Summit Roofing for your Reston VA home, you’ll also find that you save time and effort in dealing with the nuances of homeowner's associations. We’re familiar with the regulations regarding work and materials that are specific to roof repairs in Reston VA neighborhoods. Since we’ve been roofing Reston VA, homes for more than thirty years, your Reston roof repair will be seamless and thorough, with no hiccups related to community regulations. We’ve got you covered!

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Smart consumers know that value is a combination of cost and value. You’ve selected a home that offers everything you need – convenient location, peaceful setting, proximity to convenience and luxury, and you are intent on maintaining its value for the years to come.

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Summit Roofing is your one stop location for the highest value in your roof replacement, roof maintenance and roof repair in Herndon VA and Reston VA.

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Serving The Herndon and Reston Areas

Whatever your roofing in Reston VA or Herndon VA needs may be, our team of experts offers a variety of materials to ensure you’re getting the look and functionality you need from your roof. We focus on saving you time and hassle, so you can focus on what is important in your home or business. Whether you have been a life-long resident have just arrived in Northern Virginia and settled in the burgeoning and beautiful Reston-Herndon area, Summit Roofing can ensure the highest quality, most efficiently accomplished work around. Summit Roofing is dedicated to serving you and making the best of your home and community, and we do the best roofing Herndon VA and Reston VA have to offer.

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