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You want Dumfries roofing contractors who do the job right the first time. Investing in a roofing job is hardly investing if you need to pay to get a roof repair due to faulty materials or incorrect installation a year or two down the line.

The most qualified roofing contractors Dumfries VA make your roofing job easy. Our team at Summit Roofing strives to make every job we do hassle-free from start to finish.

We help you get that worrying roofing problem taken care of and off your mind with our expert team, protecting your home and family while we securely finish your job.

  • Have the best roof in the neighborhood
  • Full service commercial roof repair
  • Long lasting roofing built to the highest quality
  • We strive to fit our customers roofing needs
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Experience Over 40 Years in the Making

With all the time, effort, and money you’ve put into your home in Dumfries, you want Dumfries roofing professionals who are going to take just as much care and pride working on your home as you do.

Summit Roofing has been helping families and businesses in the Dumfries area for over 40 years. Our experienced company takes pride in each and every job we do, regardless if it’s a roof replacement or roof repair in Dumfries VA.

Our extensive reputation in the community allows us to continue doing what we love every day. We provide you with a roof that has the material, color, and energy efficiency ratings you need to see the best return on your investment.

There’s a reason we’re trusted in the Dumfries community—it’s because we live and work here too. Our history helping customers just like you with quality roofing jobs enables us to deliver the expert workmanship you want on the home or business you love.

Large or Small Scale Roof Repair in Dumfries VA

Your home might have a small leak, or your commercial business might need a roof replacement. At Summit Roofing, we’re here to help you regardless of your roofing issue. Our Dumfries roofing contractors conduct both repairs and replacements to help you keep your home or office beautiful and safe.

We take on both commercial and residential projects and, as always, we provide free estimates, whether or not you choose to work with us. Our no-hassle approach to getting your roofing needs addressed has been the anchor for our success in the Dumfries community.

Summit's roofing contractors in Dumfries VA, approach every job with an experienced eye for detail. We conduct thorough inspections before we quote a price or take on a job to ensure that we’re able to effectively complete your roofing job and completely address the issue.

Boost Your Property Value

A roof replacement Dumfries VA increases the value of your home or place of business. People want to see that a previous residence or commercial property has been taken care of. Summit Roofing helps you keep your investment as just that—an investment.

You can upgrade your home’s value with a new roof or ensure the home is leak-free and structurally sound with a roofing repair. Our contractors are current on and consistently abide by building codes in Prince William County for your peace of mind.

Roof Repair in Dumfries VA

Best of all, you can help keep your energy bills under control with a new roof. Our team understands how much of a concern energy efficiency is, especially when you’re trying to keep your bills down. A new roof helps to properly insulate your home, keeping the temperature more comfortable for a lower cost all year long.

  • Voted Contractor of the Year
  • We can handle any roofing related issue
  • Residential and Commercial roofing of all types
  • Family owned and operated business since 1979

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Not sure what you need? Our Dumfries roofing experts can help. Our free, honest estimates allow you to determine what you need and help you make the best choice. We’re proud to be considered for your roofing job in Dumfries!

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