Roofing Storm Damage Repair in Alexandria VA – What To Know
roofing storm damaged roof
October 24, 2023

Storm Damage Roof Repair in Alexandria VA In 2022

Your roof is designed to protect your home against the elements, but severe weather still has the potential to cause damage. Factors such as an aging roof or a poorly maintained roof can prevent your property’s most vital asset from doing its job.

If your roof has been impacted by inclement weather such as hail, high winds, or fallen debris, don’t panic. Here are your next steps to secure your home with storm damage roof repair in Alexandria VA.

Get Leaks Under Control as Soon as Possible

img roof repaired after stormWhen a severe storm leads to water in your home, it’s crucial to get the leak under control as soon as possible. If you feel safe doing so, cover your roof with a tarp until your professional roofer can get there.

If you don’t have any visible leaks but do have visible roofing storm damage, check your home for water infiltration. Start in your attic and then inspect ceilings and walls. Water damage could be as subtle as a discolored area on the ceiling.

Contact a Professional Roofer to Fix the Problem

damaged roof shingles imageYou might be tempted to fix your roof yourself, especially if the repairs seem minor. However, it’s always best to contact a professional roofing company to inspect your roof. Experienced roofers can uncover hidden problems and give you a detailed report and an estimate for your storm damage roof repair in Alexandria VA.

When getting estimates, beware of companies that travel after major storms in an attempt to scam homeowners by doing substandard repair work and then disappearing once the job is done. Worse, they may convince you to replace your roof when you only need a repair. A local company is your best bet!

Document Damage for Your Insurance Company If Needed

repaired damaged roofIf your roof is included in your homeowner’s insurance policy, contact your insurance company once a roofing contractor has evaluated the roof. Report the damage and find out what repairs will be covered.

Your local roofer in Alexandria should help you document evidence of the damage to support your claim. These supporting documents may include photographs, a professional evaluation of the needed repairs, and an estimate including labor and materials to fix the problem.

Know When Your Home Is Unsafe

storm damage to roofIf your roof has sustained severe damage such as from a fallen tree that’s compromised your entire roofing system, leave your home and find another place to stay, even if it’s at a hotel.

Never remain in your home if you don’t feel it’s safe to do so. Call a roofer to evaluate the problem, but in the meantime, get to a place where you and your family can be safe. Some insurance companies will cover your living expenses in the event that you need to leave your home due to roofing storm damage.

Need Roof Repair in Alexandria?

Always get a professional estimate for your storm damage in Alexandria before you decide how to handle the problem. A reputable local roofer can get the issue under control and work to get your roof back in order as soon as possible!