Typical Roof Replacement Cost Northern Virginia
roof replacement
June 22, 2020

Understanding Roof Replacement Cost Factors

There are multiple factors to consider when determining roof replacement cost Northern Virginia, and its best to know what to look for so you can be knowledgeable about the process when you begin collecting quotes on roof replacement cost for your Northern Virginia area home.  The basic elements of the cost of roof replacement are the materials and labor.

To understand the cost of roof replacement, know that the calculations for roof replacement cost are quoted in squares, or a ten foot by ten foot section of 100 square feet.  This unit of measure is used to reduce confusion when various contractors and subcontractors are involved in quoting prices and acquiring supplies for roof replacement costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Roof

cost to replace roofThe next decision you’ll make with your roofing professional is whether you want to replace or re-shingle.  Re-shingling (laying shingles over what is already on your roof) can reduce your overall roof replacement cost in the short term.  However, that savings to your overall roof replacement cost is dramatically reduced when you consider that it shortens the life of your roof by up to 20%.  It’s best not to incur the cost of roof replacement again any sooner than you have to.  There will be labor costs and time involved in taking off your existing roof materials, but know that you are reducing your long term roof replacement costs.

In addition to the tile or shingle selected, part of your roof replacement cost will be the other materials, the underlay, flashing, ventilation, insulation, any replacement of gutters, sun lights or window treatments that may be required, so be sure to factor that in when you are asking for a roof replacement cost quote.

Get Estimates From Reputable Roofing Companies

repair or replaceThere are a variety of materials to consider for your new roof, and depending in which one you choose, it can dramatically affect your roof replacement cost.  The materials for the basic asphalt shingle roof, the most commonly used material with a lifespan of 15-twenty years, will typically run between $1,500 and $2,000 for the 2,200 square foot roof of an average sized American home.

If you only want to incur a roof replacement cost once, consider clay tile or slate roofs for serious longevity.  Clay and slate can last from 75 to over 125 years, respectively, with material costs can push $20,000.  Not only are these exceptionally attractive materials that give your home distinction, using them essentially eradicates any future roof replacement costs while you live in your home.

Find Reliable Contractors

roof replacement costs for your homeLabor costs for the same average sized home will typically start around $4,500.  The cost of roof replacement in Northern Virginia varies depending on the condition of your current roof, weather and going rates in your area, wages and other costs of doing business.  However, your prior research on roof replacement costs ensures that you can use a standard basis of comparison when considering quotes so that you can accurately predict the range within your roof replacement cost will fall.

Any reliable contractor will give you a good faith estimate of the time it will take to complete, as well as details about materials needed and best estimate of total roof replacement cost. Gather different quotes. feedback from customers, both word of mouth and online, and assessments from reputable sources like the better business bureau.

Check With The Better Business Bureau

Of course, leaving a roof replacement too late can cost more than you save if you have issues from water damage or compounded energy costs due to diminished insulation or other weather proofing measures, so it’s best to have your roof regularly inspected so that you aren’t caught off guard when roof replacement costs do inevitably arise.

Ask Around Who Are Reputable Companies To Hire

affordable roof replacementFinally, make sure you look into your area’s environmental benefits to offset roof replacement costs.  One of the benefits of the cost of roof replacement is that the proper sealing and insulation installation that is a part of your roof replacement cost frequently increases the energy efficiency of your home.  Not only do you save on heating and cooling as one of the ongoing results of roof replacement costs, you also may be eligible for tax benefits.