• Should I Get A Roof Replacement For My Alexandria VA Home In 2020

    4 November 2019
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    roof replacement in alexandria va image

    Time For Roof Replacement On Your Alexandria VA Home

    It’s hard to underestimate the importance of your home’s roof, and yet it’s something not every homeowner pays attention to. Your roof requires maintenance and inspections similarly to the rest of your home in Alexandria VA, and like many aspects of your property, will need to be replaced at some point.

    How can you know when it’s time for a roof replacement? Here’s how you can get started with assessing your home for a potential new roof.

    If You Can, Get Information on Your Roof

    roofing replacement imageIf you can, find out how long ago the roof was replaced. If you can’t find this information, you may be able to gauge the lifespan of your roof based on its material.

    While asphalt roofing shingles have a lifespan of approximately 20 years, metal, slate, and tile roofs typically last anywhere from 40 years and up.

    For homeowners that aren’t sure when or if their roof was ever replaced, you can move on to the next steps in an effort to tell whether or not it’s time for a new roof.

    Start By Checking the Attic

    alexandria roofers working on roof

    While you might consider venturing out onto your roof to search for clues about its age or status, the first place you should look—and a much safer place to start—is your attic.

    Your attic can help you see light coming in through the roof, dark stains or streaks as the result of water damage, or even identify structural issues.

    While these problems don’t automatically mean you need a roof replacement, they could indicate your roof needs professional attention.

    Beware of Structural Changes

    roofers alexandriaSome older or damaged roofs will have droopy or sagging sections. If you can see that your roof is bending in places, do not venture out onto your roof.

    If your roof’s structure is warped, it’s likely your roof decking contains damage that needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

    It’s always best to call in a professional to assess your roof if you notice sagging, holes, or other structural changes in your roof.

    Call a Professional for an Inspection

    Home Roof ReplacementOnce you have some general information on your roof, it’s time to get a professional inspection.  While some homeowners are capable of inspecting their roofs, you shouldn’t if you don’t feel it’s safe to do so.

    Your local professional roofer can conduct a thorough inspection and identify all potential damages to help you make your best decision.

    Shingles should be intact and shouldn’t be cracked or curling. Gutters should be functional, and free of granule buildup that can happen with older shingles.  Your roofing contractor can help you evaluate your roof to determine whether or not a replacement is imminent.

    Getting a Roof Replacement

    When considering replacing your roof in Alexandria VA, getting a professional inspection and estimate is the best way to know what your roof truly needs to continue protecting your home.

    Most roofers offer free estimates, so you can evaluate all your options at no cost. Get in touch with your local roofing contractors to schedule an inspection today!

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  • Emergency Alexandria Roof Repair – How Storms Impact Roofing In 2020

    26 September 2019
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    alexandria roof repair storm damage

    Storms Damage Requires Alexandria Roof Repair

    roof storm damage repair alexandria vaDid you know your roof is more likely than the rest of your home to experience damage from inclement weather? Severe storms can affect your roof and expose your home to additional problems such as structural and moisture damage.

    In Alexandria, extreme weather is possible at any point throughout the year. The area frequently experiences thunderstorms, snowstorms, high winds, and is subject to experience hurricanes coming up the coast.

    Understanding how bad weather impacts your roofing system can help you be prepared to assess your roof and seek Alexandria roof repair when necessary!

    Types of Weather and Their Impact

    There are many different kinds of inclement weather that the Alexandria area experiences. Here’s how each can impact your roofing system.

    High winds
    Winds affect a roof more than people think. High winds can rip off roofing shingles and damage gutters, and cause debris such as tree limbs to have more of an impact on your roof.
    Severe thunderstorms
    The thunderstorms Alexandria experiences can bring heavy rains and hail, which can affect roof shingles and flashing. Heavy rains can also cause trees to fall, which can be particularly dangerous if your home is near any large trees.
    They’re rare, but tornadoes do happen in Northern Virginia. With winds that can blow over 100 miles per hour and up to 300 miles per hour, tornadoes can remove shingles and can produce heavy debris.
    Snow and ice
    Winters with heavy snow and ice storms can cause snow to accumulate, which can cause excessive weight on your roof. Ice dams can also affect your gutter system, leading to leaks and dangerous spills.
    The hurricane season—which runs from June to November with September being the peak time—can cause your roof to be impacted by the heavy rains and winds that can come with such storms.

    How You Can Prepare for Extreme Weather

    effects of high winds on roofingKnowing how storms can impact your roof can help you have a plan to manage problems that can come from inclement weather.

    Time is of the essence when you need an Alexandria roof repair. Once moisture is able to get into your home, even a slow leak can quickly damage your roofing structure. After a storm, it’s important to inspect your property for damages.

    You can inspect your roof from the ground after the storm is over, but hold off on getting on your roof until it’s safe to do so or you can call a roofer to assess the problem. The best place to begin looking for damage is inside your home, as your attic, walls, and ceiling will typically reveal if a water leak is present from roofing damage.

    Always Be Safe – Contact Your Local Roofers!

    heavy rain problems home roofNever inspect your roof immediately after a storm or when water is present—slippery areas can make it easy to fall and experience an injury. It’s always best to contact your local roofers to assess any potential damage following inclement weather.

    Getting an Alexandria roof repair before the damage turns into a larger, more expensive fix is essential to protecting your home against future storms!

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  • How to Spot Roof Damage After Strong Winds In Dumfries VA – Updated 2019

    9 August 2019
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    how to spot roof damage after strong winds

    Here’s How to Spot Roof Damage After Strong Winds

    storm damaged home in dumfries virginiaEven if a storm doesn’t produce hail, heavy rains, or fallen debris, your roof can still be affected by strong winds. While most roofs are designed to resist damage from high winds, they can still impact your home over time.

    Roofing damage should be evaluated by a professional roofing contractor as soon as possible. But how do you know if your roof has been affected by strong winds? Here are a few ways you can spot potential wind damage on your roof!

    Exposed Corners or Edges

    roofing storm damage repair dumfries virginiaWhen considering how to spot roof damage after strong winds, begin by evaluating the corners and the perimeter of your roof from the ground. These areas are more vulnerable to high winds than the rest of your roof.

    Wind can push up on the roof’s edges, peeling it back to expose the decking. This type of damage usually starts small but can get worse with repeated exposure to high winds. Check the edges and corners of your roof to see if they’re beginning to curl up or appear to be missing shingles.

    Damaged Roof Shingles or Cracked Flashing

    damaged roofing shinglesWhile inspecting the edges of your roof in Dumfries VA after high winds, look for shingles on the ground. Your roof’s flashing—areas around chimneys and vents typically sealed with tar, or more recently, metal—can also become cracked, loose, or may be missing.

    Different types of roofing shingles will sustain different types of damage. While an asphalt roof may have curling shingles, a wood roof will show splitting or rot. A flat roof may have tears or blisters while a tile or slate roof will be more likely to chip.

    Interior Water Damage or Increased Energy Bills

    roof storm water damageWhile evaluating your roof for damage from winds, don’t forget to look inside your home. Moisture infiltration can range from yellow to brown to gray in color, and may be evident on your ceilings or walls.

    Your attic could have a leak or damp rafters, while the interior of your home may show peeling paint. In addition, increased energy bills could mean that your roof’s ventilation system has been affected by missing shingles, a leak, or other damage from high winds.

    Don’t Forget Your Gutters!

    gutter damage repairYour roof isn’t the only exterior element of your home that can be damaged by extreme winds. Your gutters can become loose, clogged, or leak after a wind storm. Clogged gutters can also freeze, making them ineffective and even causing them to sag.

    High winds can also cause debris to impact your roof and gutters. When considering how to spot roof damage after strong winds, don’t forget to check your gutters and downspouts for any damage that needs a prompt repair.

    Call a Professional Roofer to Repair Damage

    roofing contractor dumfries vaIf you see the above signs of wind damage, it’s time to call a local professional roofer in Dumfries VA to thoroughly inspect your roof. A roofing contractor will not only have the experience and skill to identify damage from wind, but can get your roof fixed as soon as possible to prevent even more repairs!

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  • Best Way To File A Northern Virginia Roof Replacement Insurance Claim – 2019 Edition

    24 July 2019
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    helpful article on roof insurance filing

    Filing A Roof Replacement Insurance Claim

    Did a storm recently impact your roof to the point that you think it needs to be replaced? Don’t wait to get the damages assessed and file an insurance claim!

    Experienced and reputable roofing companies can help you work with your insurance company to increase the chances that they’d pay for your repairs or a replacement if necessary.

    When you suspect your roof’s been damaged, how do you file a roof replacement insurance claim? We’ve outlined the process for you below.

    Assess the Damage with a Roofer

    roof replacement insurance claim northern virginiaIf you have reason to believe your roof has sustained damage, make note of the date and time the storm or accident occurred. Your next step is to call a local roofer in Northern Virginia who has experience helping people file insurance claims.

    Your roofing contractor will conduct a detailed inspection of your roof and let you know if there’s enough damage to file a claim. While you can inspect your roof from the ground, you should never climb out on your roof, especially after inclement weather.

    After a professional inspection, you’ll get a written estimate which details what needs to be fixed and how much it’ll cost, which you can submit to the insurance company.

    Document All Necessary Repairs

    insurance for roof damageYour roofing contractor can help you document all necessary repairs while you contact your insurance company to let them know you need to file a roof replacement insurance claim.

    Photos, a written estimate, and an expert inspection report can prove to your insurance company that the damage wasn’t there before the storm. With the proper documentation and evidence to support your claim, you’ll have everything you need to make a strong case.

    Be careful not to sign anything at this point from your contractor. Some roofers have homeowners sign the inspection report, but really the fine print obligates you to work with them once your roof replacement has been approved.

    Contact Your Insurance Company

    question how to file roofing damage insurance claimOnce you have the documentation you need, you can file your claim with your insurance agent. Your roofing company can help you manage this process to make it less stressful.

    At this point, your insurance company will make an appointment for an adjuster to come out and inspect the damages. Notify your roofer of the appointment, as it’s a good idea to have them on site during the insurance company’s inspection to ensure nothing is missed.

    You should never wait to file a claim because most insurance companies have a time limit on requesting coverage for damages. Some are as long as a year, but others are only 60 days. Get everything done now so you don’t have to worry about it later—or incur more roofing damage in the meantime.

    Call Your Local Roofer in Northern Virginia!

    Don’t wait to file a claim with your insurer and get your roof replaced. By contacting your local roofing contractor in Northern Virginia to assist you with your documentation and claim, you can get your home back to normal as soon as possible!

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  • Roofing Storm Damage Repair in Alexandria VA – What To Know

    8 July 2019
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    roofing storm damaged roof

    Storm Damage Roof Repair in Alexandria VA

    Your roof is designed to protect your home against the elements, but severe weather still has the potential to cause damage. Factors such as an aging roof or a poorly maintained roof can prevent your property’s most vital asset from doing its job.

    If your roof has been impacted by inclement weather such as hail, high winds, or fallen debris, don’t panic. Here are your next steps to secure your home with storm damage roof repair in Alexandria VA.

    Get Leaks Under Control as Soon as Possible

    img roof repaired after stormWhen a severe storm leads to water in your home, it’s crucial to get the leak under control as soon as possible. If you feel safe doing so, cover your roof with a tarp until your professional roofer can get there.

    If you don’t have any visible leaks but do have visible roofing storm damage, check your home for water infiltration. Start in your attic and then inspect ceilings and walls. Water damage could be as subtle as a discolored area on the ceiling.

    Contact a Professional Roofer to Fix the Problem

    damaged roof shingles imageYou might be tempted to fix your roof yourself, especially if the repairs seem minor. However, it’s always best to contact a professional roofing company to inspect your roof. Experienced roofers can uncover hidden problems and give you a detailed report and an estimate for your storm damage roof repair in Alexandria VA.

    When getting estimates, beware of companies that travel after major storms in an attempt to scam homeowners by doing substandard repair work and then disappearing once the job is done. Worse, they may convince you to replace your roof when you only need a repair. A local company is your best bet!

    Document Damage for Your Insurance Company If Needed

    repaired damaged roofIf your roof is included in your homeowner’s insurance policy, contact your insurance company once a roofing contractor has evaluated the roof. Report the damage and find out what repairs will be covered.

    Your local roofer in Alexandria should help you document evidence of the damage to support your claim. These supporting documents may include photographs, a professional evaluation of the needed repairs, and an estimate including labor and materials to fix the problem.

    Know When Your Home Is Unsafe

    storm damage to roofIf your roof has sustained severe damage such as from a fallen tree that’s compromised your entire roofing system, leave your home and find another place to stay, even if it’s at a hotel.

    Never remain in your home if you don’t feel it’s safe to do so. Call a roofer to evaluate the problem, but in the meantime, get to a place where you and your family can be safe. Some insurance companies will cover your living expenses in the event that you need to leave your home due to roofing storm damage.

    Need Roof Repair in Alexandria?

    Always get a professional estimate for your storm damage in Alexandria before you decide how to handle the problem. A reputable local roofer can get the issue under control and work to get your roof back in order as soon as possible!

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  • Storm Damage Roofing Repair Dumfries VA – What You Need to Know

    18 June 2019
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    roofing storm damage repair dumfries virginia

    Storm Damage Roofing Repair Dumfries VA

    No property is impervious to damage, especially from inclement weather. The Dumfries area can experience severe storms with hail, torrential rains, and strong winds, which can all impact the integrity of your roofing system.

    While some storm damage may appear minor, any defect in your roof has the potential to turn into a much larger problem. Some types of damage can even necessitate an early roof replacement if not taken care of in a timely manner.

    Here’s what you need to know when seeking roofing storm repair in Dumfries VA.

    When Getting Estimates, Don’t Sign Anything Right Away

    wind damaged roofUnfortunately, there are roofing contractors who don’t have your best interest in mind. These people will try to get you to sign something without giving you a quote or before you’ve actually agreed to work with them.

    These roofers will then trap you into using their services by going to your insurance company before you can contact them. Don’t sign anything right away. Instead, get a few quotes from dependable local roofers that include a detailed scope of work, including the materials they use and the price.

    Look for Reputable Companies in the Area

    hail damage to a roofWhen you need storm repair services for your home, look for companies that have been in business for a minimum of five years. Don’t trust roofers who come uninvited to your home telling you that your roof needs to be replaced.

    Contact local companies in Dumfries who have a reputation for doing quality work in the area. It’s understandable that you want to get your roof fixed as soon as possible, but you won’t regret waiting a bit longer to get an experienced contractor you can trust to do the work!

    Don’t Ignore Roofing Storm Damage Even If It’s Minor

    storm damage roofing repair company dumfriesSome homeowners are tempted to ignore minor damage, whether because they don’t realize the bigger problems it can cause or because they’re planning on selling their home. Regardless, it’s never a good idea to wait to get roofing storm repair in Dumfries VA.

    Even if you’re planning on selling your property, an inspection during the buying process may reveal the damage and you may need to get the issue fixed anyway, or even replace your roof before selling your house. It’ll be easier and cheaper to get it fixed now than to wait!

    Know What You’re Getting

    storm damage to homeYou should know exactly what to expect when choosing a roofing contractor. Get everything in writing, including the warranties on the materials and labor, their cleanup process, the price, and the estimated completion date.

    Be wary of roofers who make verbal promises but don’t have the paperwork to back up their claims, or contractors who ask for cash up front. Always do your research when getting roofing work done, even if it’s just a repair.

    Don’t Wait to Address Storm Damage!

    When you need storm repair services for your home, don’t wait. Contact your local roofer today to get the damage fixed to prevent problems later on and ensure a safe roof for future inclement weather!

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  • Roof Storm Damage in Falls Church VA

    23 May 2019
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    falls church roofing experts

    Roof Storm Damage in Falls Church VA

    Inclement weather has the potential to majorly impact your roof. Even if the storm wasn’t severe, wind alone can cause damage to your property.

    High winds, hail, driving rains, snow, ice, tornadoes, and debris can all affect the integrity of your roof. It’s essential to search for roofing in Falls Church VA to get your roof restored as soon as possible after bad weather to prevent the need for even more repairs.

    Here’s how you can identify storm damage to your roof and expedite the process of getting repairs to protect your home or business!

    How to Identify Storm Damage to Your Roof

    roof leaks from storm damage
    How can you know if you need roof repair in Falls Church? Your first step is to inspect your roof after a storm. While a fallen tree limb or missing shingles may be obvious forms of destruction, other types may require a more comprehensive inspection that’s only safe for a professional to do.

    However, there are some types of damage you can look for yourself after a storm or while you’re waiting for the inspector to get there. These include:

    • Torn or missing shingles
    • Pieces of metal flashing on the ground
    Water stains on your ceiling or in your attic
    • Obvious structural damage from debris

    Never attempt to inspect your roof in Falls Church yourself if you don’t feel safe. If you suspect there’s a problem, call your local roofing professional to provide a more thorough inspection.

    Getting Your Damages Repaired

    expert falls church roof repair
    Once you know your roof has been impacted by inclement weather and can get confirmation from your professional roofer in Falls Church Virginia, you can file a claim with your insurance company with documentation of the needed repairs.

    Your roofer can make their recommendation as to whether you can get by with minor repairs or if a replacement would be better. Storm damage is different from regular wear and tear, so find an experienced contractor who can identify the difference so you can get the necessary restorations covered by your insurance company.

    When looking for roofing in Falls Church VA, go with a contractor who’s experienced in fixing storm damage and will go above and beyond to help you prevent future problems. Whether it’s choosing the right materials or providing tips to better protect your home, the right company is invested in the safety and longevity of your roof.

    Preventing Future Storm Damage

    fix roof leaks in falls church va
    Although, of course, it’s impossible to control the weather in Falls Church, you can control how well you maintain your roof. Proper maintenance can ensure your roof is better able to protect your home and resist damage in the event of future inclement weather.

    Conducting regular inspections of your roof or contacting your local contractor to do the inspections can help you locate necessary repairs before they have a chance to cause extensive damage. Many local roofing companies offer maintenance plans to help homeowners better care for their roofs and maximize its lifespan.

    When getting roof repair in Falls Church, your contractor can make recommendations for which restorations are needed or if a replacement is imminent so you can make the best choice for your home in Fairfax County.

    Need Storm Damage Repair in Falls Church?

    When you need storm damage repair for your roof in Northern Virginia, don’t put off contacting a roofing contractor. Waiting too long can turn a simple fix into more extensive work or even a roofing replacement.

    By contacting your local professionals for a free inspection and estimate, you can get your roof repaired as soon as possible to prevent costly damage to your home and your property—and more importantly, keep everyone safe!

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  • How long does a roof last in Warrenton Virginia?

    6 May 2019
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    The Lifespan of a Roof in Warrenton VA

    How Long Does a Roof Last in Warrenton Virginia?

    If your roof has reached the end of its lifespan, it could be time to consider new roofing in Warrenton VA for a replacement or to see if you can get by with a repair.

    There are many factors that influence how long your roof will last in Warrenton. While climate is one factor, the materials of your roof, the quality of those materials, and how often you conduct maintenance all play a role.

    How much life does your roof have left in it? By considering the following factors, you can better determine the current state of your home’s roof.

    Average Age of Common Roofing Materials

    roofing warrenton virginia
    How long a roof lasts will depend on its materials and the quality of those materials. Each roofing material has its own lifespan, subject to the location of your home, the weather, and how well it’s maintained.

    If you have asphalt or laminate shingles, you can expect your roof to last between 20-30 years with the right maintenance. Wooden shingles tend to last a bit longer with an average lifespan of 30-40 years.

    Other materials such as metal, tile, and slate can last 50 years or more. In fact, tile and slate roofs can last over 100 years. By conducting the proper maintenance and repairs, you can extend the lifespan of these materials even more!

    How the Climate Impacts Your Roof’s Longevity

    local roofing experters in warrenton virginia
    Any Warrenton roofing contractor knows how much the climate in Northern Virginia can impact all types of roofs. Extreme sun, cold, and moisture can all affect how long your materials will last.

    Dark-colored shingles are more likely to absorb heat which can impact the integrity of your roofing materials over time. In addition, roofs that face south generally receive more heat and sun exposure, so the materials on this side may experience more damage.

    If your roof wasn’t installed correctly or is reaching its age limit, its ventilation system may not be working properly, which will not only age your materials faster, but make it harder for your home to maintain its temperature and can even cause structural issues if left unchecked.

    The storms Warrenton experiences can also age a roof—strong winds, hail, snow, ice, and debris can cause premature damage. Inspecting your roof following any inclement weather can help you better maintain it to extend its life.

    Roof Maintenance and Pitch Can Age Your Roof Faster

    warrenton va roofers
    Without the proper maintenance, your roof is much more likely to age faster. It’s essential to conduct regular inspections, particularly following a storm. However, never inspect your roof if it’s not safe to do so or you don’t feel safe doing so.

    An experienced roofing company in Warrenton can thoroughly inspect your roof following extreme weather and clear debris or repair areas that have been damaged. If you see entire areas that are missing shingles, it could be time to replace your roof.

    Your roof’s pitch will also affect its age. Flat roofs don’t shed water very well and so are more likely to experience water damage and cause potential leaks in your home, while roofs with higher pitches generally have a better chance of aging more gracefully with the right care.

    Wondering How Much More Life Your Roof Has?

    If you’re not sure how much more time your roof has before it needs to be replaced, it’s time to call in a professional roofing inspector to evaluate your options.

    An experienced company can help you determine what your roof needs to continue doing its job. When you’re looking for roofing in Warrenton VA, contact your local contractor for a free estimate on your roof repair or replacement!

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  • Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor in Chantilly VA

    30 April 2019
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    Chantilly Virginia Roofing Experts

    Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor in Chantilly VA

    When you’re looking for roofing contractors in Chantilly VA, doing your due diligence can help you make the best choice for your home. With the right roofer, you can prevent future issues with your roof and get the most for your investment.

    Ask your potential roofing company the following questions when getting your free estimate to get a quality roof installation or repair for your home from reputable professionals!

    What’s Your Company’s Full Name and Address?

    local chantilly va roofing contractors
    It’s important to know the company’s actual name as well as their physical address. Don’t accept a P.O Box when interviewing roofing contractors—you want a company with an established local address you can verify.

    Confirming their name and address will help you avoid a fly-by-night roofing company that’ll disappear once your job is done, potentially leaving you with a faulty roof.

    Are You Licensed?

    Having a business license isn’t the same thing as having a roofing contracting license. By checking that the company in question has a license to work as a roofing contractor, you can ensure they’re qualified to do the work.

    A roofer needs a state license to work as a contractor in Chantilly Virginia, which requires a minimum of two years’ experience and they must pass an exam. When verifying their license, you can also check to see if they have any outstanding violations.

    Do You Have Insurance?

    chantilly virginia roofing professionals
    You’ll want your Chantilly roofing contractor to be fully insured. This includes workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. Without this, you could be liable for the costs associated with property damage or an injury in the event of an accident. Don’t assume your insurance will cover these costs!

    Do You Use Subcontractors?

    You’ll want to know whether or not the roofing company has their own employees or hires subcontractors when you’re looking for roofing in Chantilly. If the company subcontracts other professionals to complete various stages of your job, you’ll want to verify the authenticity of these contractors in addition to your main contractor.

    Can I Have Some Local References?

    chantilly roofing contractors
    Asking for local references from a potential contractor allows you to contact people in your area that have done business with the roofer and ask questions about their experience. Aim to get at least three references and follow up with them. They’ll help you better understand what working with the contractor will really be like!

    What Are Your Warranties?

    Every roofing contractor should offer two types of warranties—one on their craftsmanship and one on their materials. You’ll want to ask what exactly these warranties will cover and how long they’re valid for depending on your roofing material of choice. Be sure these details are specified in the necessary paperwork before signing anything!

    Will You Remove My Old Roof?

    chantilly va roofers
    In Fairfax County, you’re only allowed to have two layers of shingles on your home’s roof, so you’ll want to ask your contractor if they’re planning on removing the old roof before installing your new one. In some cases, it’s better to remove the old roof to correct issues underneath.

    If the company will remove your old roof, ask if the cost for this is included in the price—some contractors will have additional fees for the labor to remove and dispose of your old roof.

    Hire the Best Roofing Contractor in Chantilly

    When you want your home to be protected and get the most for your money, hiring the right contractor makes all the difference. Are you ready to get your roof repaired or replaced with the best? Click here to get a free estimate for your roofing in Chantilly!

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  • 2019 Northern Virginia Roofing Replacement Costs

    16 April 2019
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    Roof Replacement Cost 2019 Northern Virginia

    2019 Northern Virginia Roofing Replacement Costs

    Your roof doesn’t just complement your home’s appearance—a roof represents safety, function, and value.

    If your roof is beginning to show signs of wear, you might consider a Northern Virginia roofing replacement. While damaged shingles can lead to an aged appearance, they can also cause structural problems or water damage, both costly issues a new roof would fix.

    You may need to replace your roof when repairs alone won’t improve your roof’s current state, or a new roof would be more appropriate cost-wise.

    How much does it cost to replace your roof in Northern Virginia in 2019?

    What Is the Average Cost of a Northern Virginia Roof Replacement?

    The average cost of roof replacement for a 1,500 square foot roof using asphalt shingles is about $4.50 per square foot, which adds up to $6,750.

    Of course, the cost will vary by home. The price could be lower if your home is smaller or higher if you choose a different material. Your roof replacement may also cost more if you have a larger home or additional roofing to replace, such as a detached garage.
    roof replacement cost northern va

    How to Know If It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

    If your roof is doing its job—protecting your home from the elements—it’s normal for it to sustain damage over time.

    How well a roof ages can also be affected by internal factors of your home. If your attic isn’t properly insulated and ventilated, the roof can overheat and will cause premature aging. Signs your roof is reaching the end of its life include shingles that are cracked, curling, missing, or even a roof that’s sagging.

    By having your roof professionally inspected, you can determine if you can get by with repairs or if you need a Northern Virginia roofing replacement.

    Benefits of Getting a New Roof

    Every roof will need to be replaced at some point. Yes, the cost of roof replacement will be more than a repair, but in the long run, a replacement may be your best choice.

    The benefits of replacing your roof include:

      • Correcting all your roofing issues at once, which can save money in repairs over time.
      • Improving the appearance of your Northern Virginia home, which is particularly beneficial if you’re planning to sell. A new roof is an investment buyers will want to see and are willing to pay more for.
      • Improving your home’s insulation and ventilation, which can save you money on energy costs.

    A reputable roofing company will make your Northern Virginia roofing replacement easy and give you a beautiful new roof to protect your home for years to come. A full replacement should come with a warranty on materials and craftsmanship so you can purchase with confidence.
    home roof replacement

    What Affects the Cost of a Roof Replacement

    The cost of roof replacement will be dependent on a few factors. Remember, labor makes up a large portion of the replacement. If you have a uniquely-shaped roof, it may require more work to replace.

    Your roofing professionals may have to conduct repairs during the job before actually installing the new roof, which could cost more. You’ll also want to ask whether or not the company will include the removal of your old roof in the cost.

    Removing the old roof is helpful because it uncovers issues that could be hiding under the last layer of shingles and address them. For instance, if there’s a moisture issue, this will cause the new shingles to deteriorate more rapidly.

    So there you have it—the average cost of a Northern Virginia roofing replacement in 2019 is $6,750 for a 1,500 square foot roof. For a more specific estimate, contact your local roofing professionals!

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