3 November 2022
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Here’s How to Spot Roof Damage After Strong Winds in 2021

storm damaged home in dumfries virginiaEven if a storm doesn’t produce hail, heavy rains, or fallen debris, your roof can still be affected by strong winds. While most roofs are designed to resist damage from high winds, they can still impact your home over time.

Roofing damage should be evaluated by a professional roofing contractor as soon as possible. But how do you know if your roof has been affected by strong winds? Here are a few ways you can spot potential wind damage on your roof!

Exposed Corners or Edges

roofing storm damage repair dumfries virginiaWhen considering how to spot roof damage after strong winds, begin by evaluating the corners and the perimeter of your roof from the ground. These areas are more vulnerable to high winds than the rest of your roof.

Wind can push up on the roof’s edges, peeling it back to expose the decking. This type of damage usually starts small but can get worse with repeated exposure to high winds. Check the edges and corners of your roof to see if they’re beginning to curl up or appear to be missing shingles.

Damaged Roof Shingles or Cracked Flashing

damaged roofing shinglesWhile inspecting the edges of your roof in Dumfries VA after high winds, look for shingles on the ground. Your roof’s flashing—areas around chimneys and vents typically sealed with tar, or more recently, metal—can also become cracked, loose, or may be missing.

Different types of roofing shingles will sustain different types of damage. While an asphalt roof may have curling shingles, a wood roof will show splitting or rot. A flat roof may have tears or blisters while a tile or slate roof will be more likely to chip.

Interior Water Damage or Increased Energy Bills

roof storm water damageWhile evaluating your roof for damage from winds, don’t forget to look inside your home. Moisture infiltration can range from yellow to brown to gray in color, and may be evident on your ceilings or walls.

Your attic could have a leak or damp rafters, while the interior of your home may show peeling paint. In addition, increased energy bills could mean that your roof’s ventilation system has been affected by missing shingles, a leak, or other damage from high winds.

Don’t Forget Your Gutters!

gutter damage repairYour roof isn’t the only exterior element of your home that can be damaged by extreme winds. Your gutters can become loose, clogged, or leak after a wind storm. Clogged gutters can also freeze, making them ineffective and even causing them to sag.

High winds can also cause debris to impact your roof and gutters. When considering how to spot roof damage after strong winds, don’t forget to check your gutters and downspouts for any damage that needs a prompt repair.

Call a Professional Roofer to Repair Damage

roofing contractor dumfries vaIf you see the above signs of wind damage, it’s time to call a local professional roofer in Dumfries VA to thoroughly inspect your roof. A roofing contractor will not only have the experience and skill to identify damage from wind, but can get your roof fixed as soon as possible to prevent even more repairs!