How To Choose The Best Replacement Window-2020 Edition
window replacement
May 11, 2020

How to Choose the Best Replacement Window

If you’re considering upgrading the windows on your home, you’re probably searching for the best replacement window.

Since your needs will vary by what type of style and material you prefer as well as the location of your home, you have lots to consider. New windows have many advantages for your home. They improve appearance, energy efficiency, and noise control.

What type of window should you pick? Here’s what you need to know when choosing a new set of windows in order to choose the best!

Consider the Current State of Your Windows

best replacementConsider the state of your current windows. If the frames are damaged or rotted, you’ll likely need full replacement windows. These windows include the frame in addition to the sill and the jambs, all of which you’ll need when deciding on the best replacement window.

If the frames of the windows in your home are still in good condition, you may be able to just use partial replacement windows, also referred to as pocket windows. This is where the frame is still able to be used, therefore lowering your cost of the full replacement window.

Before deciding on the best replacement window for your home, find out if you need full or partial replacements.


Choose a Style and Material That You Like

window replacementWhen it comes to choosing the style, your best replacement window should make the most sense for your home. For instance, although double-hung windows are the most common, casement windows may be more appropriate for the locations of your windows.

Double-hung windows are easy-to-clean and allow maximum airflow into your home. Casement windows are the crank-open style windows, which tend to allow less air to escape when closed and are also beneficial for unconventional areas where a double-hung window might not work.

Next, you’ll need to choose the material for your best replacement window. Wood and vinyl are the most popular. Wood will need to be maintained and tends to be more costly while vinyl is less expensive and won’t need to be painted. However, vinyl doesn’t come with as many color options.

The style and material of the window you pick is all about what you like and what you feel will work the best for your home!


Evaluate the Features of the Window

current window replacementYour best replacement window will have all the energy features you need to make your home the most comfortable.

The majority of new windows today have the Energy Star rating in order to let you know about the window’s energy performance. Here are a couple the ratings you’ll want to evaluate in your potential new window:

U-Factor: This is how well the window keeps heat in. This number ranges from .20 and upward; the lower it is, the better your new replacement window will keep heat in.

  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): This number ranks how well your new window will block heat from the sun. Between 0 and 1, this lower this number is, the more your window will block heat. In warm areas, a low number is essential, while in cold areas, a higher number is better.


Some states will allow a tax rebate or incentive when you upgrade to energy efficient windows. To secure your best replacement window, consider how well it’ll perform for your home based on your location and the features.


Know What’s Important for Your Home

Best Replacement WindowConsidering the area that your house is located in will allow you to choose the best replacement window. Knowing what energy features you need will help you to purchase the best window for your home.

Instead of focusing on the brand, focus on what features add value for your particular home, such as double-hung windows that allow more airflow, or casement windows that block out more of the heat and cold. Remember that an expensive price tag doesn’t always mean you’ll get a leak-free window!

 When you’re considering replacing the windows in your home, you’ll need to choose the best replacement window that fits your needs. Consider different styles and materials. Evaluate the energy performance. You can find the best replacement window for you by doing a little research and talking with your installer about all the options!