• Storm Damage Roofing Repair Dumfries VA – What You Need to Know

    18 June 2019
    roofing storm damage repair dumfries virginia

    Storm Damage Roofing Repair Dumfries VA

    No property is impervious to damage, especially from inclement weather. The Dumfries area can experience severe storms with hail, torrential rains, and strong winds, which can all impact the integrity of your roofing system.

    While some storm damage may appear minor, any defect in your roof has the potential to turn into a much larger problem. Some types of damage can even necessitate an early roof replacement if not taken care of in a timely manner.

    Here’s what you need to know when seeking roofing storm repair in Dumfries VA.

    When Getting Estimates, Don’t Sign Anything Right Away

    wind damaged roofUnfortunately, there are roofing contractors who don’t have your best interest in mind. These people will try to get you to sign something without giving you a quote or before you’ve actually agreed to work with them.

    These roofers will then trap you into using their services by going to your insurance company before you can contact them. Don’t sign anything right away. Instead, get a few quotes from dependable local roofers that include a detailed scope of work, including the materials they use and the price.

    Look for Reputable Companies in the Area

    hail damage to a roofWhen you need storm repair services for your home, look for companies that have been in business for a minimum of five years. Don’t trust roofers who come uninvited to your home telling you that your roof needs to be replaced.

    Contact local companies in Dumfries who have a reputation for doing quality work in the area. It’s understandable that you want to get your roof fixed as soon as possible, but you won’t regret waiting a bit longer to get an experienced contractor you can trust to do the work!

    Don’t Ignore Roofing Storm Damage Even If It’s Minor

    storm damage roofing repair company dumfriesSome homeowners are tempted to ignore minor damage, whether because they don’t realize the bigger problems it can cause or because they’re planning on selling their home. Regardless, it’s never a good idea to wait to get roofing storm repair in Dumfries VA.

    Even if you’re planning on selling your property, an inspection during the buying process may reveal the damage and you may need to get the issue fixed anyway, or even replace your roof before selling your house. It’ll be easier and cheaper to get it fixed now than to wait!

    Know What You’re Getting

    storm damage to homeYou should know exactly what to expect when choosing a roofing contractor. Get everything in writing, including the warranties on the materials and labor, their cleanup process, the price, and the estimated completion date.

    Be wary of roofers who make verbal promises but don’t have the paperwork to back up their claims, or contractors who ask for cash up front. Always do your research when getting roofing work done, even if it’s just a repair.

    Don’t Wait to Address Storm Damage!

    When you need storm repair services for your home, don’t wait. Contact your local roofer today to get the damage fixed to prevent problems later on and ensure a safe roof for future inclement weather!

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  • 6 Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor

    18 July 2018
    Tips On Roof Replacement

    6 Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor


    Since roof repair or replacement only happens every so often, it’s imperative to have the job done right the first time. Choosing the right roofing contractor can ensure your job is completed with skill and care.

    By taking the necessary steps before hiring, you can reduce your chances of encountering future problems with your roof. Here are six tips for choosing the right roofing contractor!


    1. Get Your Estimate in Writing


    Choosing The Right RooferWhen it’s time to schedule estimates with your local roofing professionals, be sure to get estimates in writing. Ideally, you should have all the details of your job in writing to protect both you and your roofing contractor while the job is being completed.

    During your estimate, the contractor should thoroughly evaluate the damage on your home’s roof. You can also ask them what materials they offer, what warranties they provide, and how long the job will take to complete.



    1. Look for Solid Communication


    Roofing ContractorWhen evaluating contractors, assess them on their communication as well as their work. If their communication is poor from the start—not returning phone calls, taking days to respond, unclear language—this could set you up for future problems.

    Most roofing contractors will offer warranties on both the materials and the labor, but what good are these warranties if you can’t get in touch with the company? Evaluate their responsiveness to be sure you can get in touch with them in the event that something goes wrong.



    1. Confirm Insurance Coverage


    Roof ContractorYou want to be sure your roofing contractor has the necessary insurance coverage to protect both you and them while they’re completing work on your property. Any company that neglects to give you proof of insurance or denies having insurance is a company you’ll want to pass on.

    During your estimate, you can ask the contractor about their company’s insurance coverage to ensure that if a worker is injured or your home is damaged that you’ll have the necessary protection.



    1. Check Availability


    Six Tips on a roofIf your roof needs attention now, it’s not going to make sense to go with a company that’s booked until the end of the season. This is another reason why you shouldn’t wait to contact a roofer until the last minute—being proactive about your roof’s health ensures you can choose the contractor you really want.

    Inquiring about the availability of the roofing contractor is going to help you narrow down your choices. For companies that are swamped when you need a prompt repair, you’ll need to look elsewhere for your service.



    1. Ask About Their Years in Business


    RoofingTypically, any roofing company that’s been in business for at least five years is going to be a smarter choice than a company that’s only a couple years old. The more experience your company has, the better service they’ll be able to provide.

    When asking or researching about the company’s years in business, it’s also important to ensure the company is local and established. Any good company will have a reputation in the area for their quality work!



    1. Contact References


    Best Roofing ContractorsGetting references from the company as well as reading authentic reviews is also going to help you make your best choice. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential roofer for references. Any reputable contractor should be able to give you references and be proud of the work they’ve done.




    Is It Time to Find a Roofing Professional?


    Best Roofing ContractorsWhen your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, take the necessary time to find the contractor that you feel will best fit your needs. Don’t choose just any roofing contractor to do your job—follow these six tips to find the right roofing professional for you!





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  • How to Pick the Right Roofing Contractor for Your Home

    12 July 2018

    How to Pick the Right Roofing Contractor for Your Home


    Getting a new roof is a major investment into your home. You want an experienced contractor to install a roof that will protect your home for years to come. Getting the right contractor can make all the difference when it comes to a quality roof.

    Hiring the best roofing contractor for your home is easy when you take a few simple steps to evaluate the roofing professionals in your area. Here’s how you can pick the right roofing contractor for your home!


    Get Recommendations from People You Trust


    Right Roofing ContractorBefore you begin your search, begin by asking people you trust if they have someone they can recommend. Whether you ask coworkers, family, friends, or neighbors, ask them if they’ve had to hire a roofing contractor and what their experience with their choice was.

    Asking people you know and trust is one of the best ways to find a local professional who does quality work. If you don’t have anyone you can ask, you can begin your search online and simply ask the company for references.



    Schedule Estimates with up to Three Contractors


    Picking A Roofing ContractorOnce you have a few prospects in mind, schedule estimates with up to three contractors in your area. You can get an idea of pricing and also ask the roofer questions about their experience. You can and should get an estimate in writing; this will help protect you should you choose to move forward with the contractor in question.

    During your estimate, take note of what the contractor notices about your roof. Are they seeing all the granules in the gutter? What about that bald spot near the chimney? Don’t trust a contractor who doesn’t conduct an in-person estimate, or simply glances at your roof and then gives you a price.


    Be Clear About Warranties


    Roofing ContractorDuring your estimate, you can ask the contractor about the warranties they provide. Most roofing professionals provide a manufacturer’s warranty, which will cover the materials used, and a workmanship warranty, which will cover the quality of the installation.

    Ask your potential roofing contractor what warranties they offer, what that warranty covers, and how long it lasts. The warranty should cover leaks, damaged materials, and other problems that could result from a labor defect. Your contractor should offer quality materials that last a long time, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t also offer a warranty.


    Ask How Your Home Will Be Protected


    Roofing ContractorsWhen it comes to the actual job of your roofing company, ask them how they’ll protect your property while the roofing job is underway. They should make arrangements to protect any plants that are near the house as well as your lawn and driveway. A roof replacement is a major job that will impact your home for a few days, so you want to know that the company will clean up their mess both during and after the job.

    You can also inquire about how used materials will be disposed of and what their process is for cleaning up nails. Their method should reveal a lot about how they work and the kind of care they take when working at your home, so don’t trust a company that doesn’t have a set procedure for their cleanup.


    Choosing Your Best Contractor


    Above all when hiring a contractor, be sure to trust your instincts. The right roofing contractor will be competent, communicate clearly, and be happy to explain their warranties, insurance policies, and procedures for cleaning up.  

     When it’s time to get your roof evaluated for a replacement or a repair, contact your local roofing companies to schedule estimates and ensure your home is set up for the best possible job with the best possible people!



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  • 5 Warning Signs That it’s Time to Repair or Replace your Roof

    18 June 2018
    Warning Signs To Repair Your Roof

    5 Warning Signs Your Roof Needs a Repair or a Replacement


    Is your roof in need of some professional help? When something is amiss with your roof, it’ll let you know. From leaks and bald spots to cracked flashing and granule shedding, there are telltale signs that your roof is in distress.

    Whether you need to repair or replace your roof, here are five warning signs that your roof needs to be evaluated by a professional roofing contractor.


    1. Continuous Weather Damage


    Roof RepairWhen your roof experiences an array of damage from storms, snow, or hail, it can begin to age prematurely. In fact, hail is one of the most damaging elements to a roof and can make your roof appear older or may even constitute a premature replacement as a result of the damage.

    If you live in an area where your roof is constantly getting pelted with heavy rains, heavy winds, hail, or snowstorms, your roofing material will need to be assessed regularly for damage, repairs, or an early replacement.


    1. Aged Appearance


    Roof RepairsYour roof will begin to show its age after a certain amount of time. Just as no roof is impervious to damage, no roofing material can last forever even under the right circumstances.

    While tile roofs can last up to 50 years, an asphalt roof will need to be replaced around the 20-year mark. Some signs that your roof may be approaching the end of its life include:


    • Bald spots from missing shingles
    • Heavy algae streaking across the roof
    • Discoloration of shingles
    • Granule loss

    When your roof is in need of a replacement, it’ll begin to show an aged appearance with these signs among others, so don’t delay in getting your roof evaluated by a professional roofing contractor.


    1. Damaged Flashing


    Roof ReplacementIf your roof has damaged flashing, such as around chimneys, roofing vents, or antennae, this is going to need to be repaired as soon as possible. Flashing is an important part of any roof and when damaged, can cause leaks that infiltrate into your home to cause major damage.

    When you have cracked flashing, you may need a repair to ensure the flashing is shedding water and protecting your roof. However, if your flashing is merely showing its age, you may need to go for a roof replacement to ensure the flashing can properly do its job.


    1. Shingle Wear


    Repair Or ReplaceYour roof is likely in for a replacement if the shingles are showing damage across the board. Shingles that are missing granules, falling off the roof, or are warping are all common signs that your roof is aging and may need a replacement. If it’s safe, you may be able to check your shingles yourself, or call in a roofing professional to assess them for you.


    1. Rot and Mold


    Warning Signs You Need a New RoofIf your roof is in need of repairs, your home could be at risk to develop mold or even structural rot. When water infiltrates the roof—whether through cracked flashing, missing shingles, or storm damage—it will travel until it reaches its lowest point. Here, mold, rot, and moisture can take a toll on your home.

    If you have mold in your home or are concerned that the structure of your roof isn’t safe, it’s time to get it evaluated by a local roofing contractor to see if your roof needs a simple repair or a total replacement.


    Protect Your Home with Professional Roofing Services


    Roof RepairsWith the right roofing professional by your side, you can determine if your home needs a repair or a replacement for its roof. Don’t delay in getting your roof assessed if you’re seeing any of the signs above—contact your local roofing professionals today!





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  • 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

    11 May 2018

    5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer


    Hiring a roofer requires more than just picking the first company you find.

    To find the best roofing company for your job, there are some questions you should ask when evaluating contractors. Asking the right questions helps ensure you’re working with a reputable contractor and protecting your investment.

    So what should you be asking your potential roofing contractors? Our list of questions helps you assess each company and review the information you find.


    Where’s Your Office?

    Finding the best rooferRoofing companies that “travel” or are unestablished in your area are likely not your best pick.

    You want to be sure the company you choose has a local office along with a local phone number. A local office not only shows an established company, but it also tells you that you’ll be more likely to locate them if there’s a problem with your roof.

    By asking your potential contractor where their office is located, you can determine for yourself whether or not you’re dealing with a local professional company or a floater company that wants your business now but will be impossible to track down later.


    Are You Licensed?

    Finding The Best Roofing ContractorFinding a roofing professional who’s licensed, bonded, and insured will protect both you and them while your roofing job is being completed.

    Having the proper licensure and insurance helps show that this company takes their business seriously and takes you and your home seriously. The right company will have the appropriate measures in place to protect their employees and their customers in the event that anyone gets hurt.

    Ideally, you should see copies of both the license and insurance information. You can also verify the license number and insurance to be sure.


    Can You Provide References?

    Choosing A Roofing ContractorAny reputable company should be able to provide you with references from customers, preferably local ones.

    If the company declines to provide references, this may indicate they aren’t experienced or that they don’t have any customers that are content enough to vouch for their work. Either way, this should be a red flag when evaluating contractors.

    Follow up with the references provided and ask customers about their experience with the company. This simple step can tell you a lot about the contractor you’re considering!


    What About Warranties?


    Best Roofing CompanyAsking your potential roofing company about what warranties they provide is essential. You need to know that your investment is going to be protected.

    Many companies have both a workmanship warranty (also called a craftsmanship warranty) and a material warranty. Ask about their warranties and if you’re provided with paperwork or documentation regarding any warranties, be sure to read it thoroughly and ask questions if needed.


    Can I Get My Estimate in Writing?

    Best Roofing ContractorsA written estimate should be a foregone conclusion, but be sure to ask regardless. Any experienced, qualified roofing company should provide every estimate in writing.

    Your roofing estimate—whether for a repair or a replacement—should be detailed. It should contain information including the date the job will begin and end, the estimated payment, when and in what form payment is expected, and what your job will include (will it include removing the old roof?).

    Read through your estimate and ask questions about anything you aren’t sure about.


    Ready to Find Your Best Contractor?


    Choosing A Local CompanyFinding the best contractor for your job is all about asking the right questions. Determining that your contractor is local, checking their license and insurance, and following up with references is essential.

    When you find the right roofing contractor, you’ll know. When you’re ready to find your best contractor, schedule your estimates and ask the right questions to find the best fit for you!




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  • 5 Tips to Help Homeowners Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

    1 May 2018
    local roofing companies

    5 Tips to Help Homeowners Choose the Right Roofing Contractor


    As stressful as it can feel to need a new roof, many homeowners stress more about finding the right person to handle their roof replacement or repair.

    If it’s been a while since you’ve needed a roofing contractor or you’re new to the area, trying to find the right company can feel overwhelming.

    With the following five tips, you can more easily narrow down your search and take only the best roofing professionals into consideration for your roofing job!


    Start with Referrals

    Tips to find best roofing companyYou can begin your search for the right roofing contractor by getting referrals from neighbors, family, or friends. If you can actually see the craftsmanship of a completed job, this is even better. Getting recommendations is a solid way to begin your search.

    It’s best if you can get referrals for local companies. This is because local roofing professionals are more likely to be established in the area and have a better chance of being trustworthy. Look for a company that has an address and phone number in the area for your best bet.


    Follow Up with License and Insurance Information

    Find the best Local Roofing CompanyAfter you’ve found some potential candidates for estimates, you can follow up with their license and insurance information. Double checking these two crucial pieces of information can save you lots of stress later on!

    The company should have a valid license number in your state and be able to provide proof of insurance for employees, including Workers’ Compensation. You can also take this process a step further by checking the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for ratings of these particular companies.


    Consider Contractors with Manufacturer Designations


    Local Roofing CompanySome contractors will have what are called manufacturer designations. These designations signify that the contractor has met certain requirements—including minimum experience and education requirements—in order to be certified under this particular manufacturer.

    Manufacturer designations are enforced and only certain contractors are eligible for these designations. If the contractor in question doesn’t list any designations on their website, you can inquire about them during your estimate.


    Ensure Access to a Variety of Choices

    tips to find best local companyAny good contractor will have a variety of choices for you to choose from when it comes to different shingle types, various roofing material types, and an assortment of colors. Contractors who provide limited choices may not be contractors you want to trust.

    Considering that the roofing material type and color will affect the style and value of your home for years to come, it’s essential to go with a contractor that will provide you with enough choices in order for you to make the absolute best one.


    Go with Your Gut


    Tips to find roofing companyYour potential roofing contractor should never make you feel pressured to choose them or to sign anything before you’ve agreed to anything. You should never trust companies that ask for cash before beginning the job. Roofing companies that offer to file your insurance claim for you may also be fraudulent.

    Even after doing your research, it’s essential to listen to your gut. If you don’t feel right about the contractor or the company, consider pursuing other options. Any legitimate, experienced company should make you feel good about working with them for your roof repair or replacement.


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  • 5 Factors That Influence Cost of a Roof Repair

    25 April 2018

    5 Factors That Influence Cost of a Roof Repair


    When you need a roof repair, getting a professional, experienced roofing contractor to assess the damage on your roof is important.

    This is because the repair may be more extensive than you realize. It helps to know what you’re getting into before you consider the cost of a roof repair.

    The following are several factors that can influence the cost of your roof repair, so keep them in mind when getting your professional estimate.


    The Type of Roof

    Roofing CostsMany times, a repair is dependent on the type of roof that you have. Your roof may have a unique shape or material that may make repairs more challenging.

    As a result of the various different types of roofing materials and the shape of the actual roof, roof repair costs can vary between homes. Some jobs will require additional labor or material. Typically, the least expensive material to repair is asphalt.

    Matching the material you have—whether it’s asphalt, slate, tile, or metal—is essential to ensuring your home remains protected with a consistent look.


    Necessary Permits

    Existing DamageThe area where you live may affect the costs of your roof repair depending on the scope of your project. If your roofing repair is more extensive, you might need a permit for it.

    The price for a permit can vary. Some areas do a flat rate for roofing repair permits while others may base the permit cost on the scope of the project or the size of your home.

    You can ask your roofing contractor if they think a permit will be necessary  for your job and how much the cost of the permit may be during your estimate.


    The Size of the Job

    5 things that make a roof cost so muchThe size of your roofing repair will effectively be the biggest factor that affects the cost of your job. Consider that in addition to labor, materials are sold based on 10-foot sections of roof. So even if your repair is small, you might be stuck paying for this much material.

    Talk with your roofing contractor about the scope of your roofing repair job. Sometimes—especially if your roof damage turns out to be more extensive than you originally thought—it might be more cost effective to go with a roof replacement.



    Existing Damage

    New Roof CostsWater works quickly to damage your home. If your structure has been infiltrated with water, this type of damage might go unseen until the roofer removes the shingles and is able to more thoroughly inspect what’s underneath.

     Repairing water damage can be expensive and raise your cost, but of course, it’s essential to repair any water or structural damage and this element shouldn’t be overlooked for everyone’s safety.



    Chimneys, Skylights, and Other Structures

    New Roof CostsIf your roof has any unique elements, these can raise the cost of the job. If the problem is originating from flashing around a chimney or skylight, your roofer will need to replace the flashing and it could be more costly.

    This is because working around these elements will require more labor and may also present challenges to your roofer. Checking for damage around these areas is essential when getting an estimate from a reputable company for your roofing repair.




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  • 5 Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

    16 April 2018

    5 Warning Signs You Need a New Roof


    It’s not always easy to know whether or not you need a new roof. Of course, there are obvious signs, such as a leak in your home or major storm damage, but what else tells you that a roof replacement is in order?

    The following five signs provide major insight into the health of your roof. By evaluating each individual component along with the assessment of a professional roofing contractor, you can know what the next best step is for your roof.


    Your Roof Is Showing Its Age

    Check ShinglesThe typical life expectancy of asphalt roofs is about 20 years. This depends on the quality of the craftsmanship and materials as well as whether or not the old roof was removed.

    Ventilation also plays a role when it comes to your roof showing its age. If your current roof was installed over an existing roof, chances are your ventilation isn’t optimal and this could be causing excess heat in the structure of the roof.

    You may need a new roof sooner if your current roof was placed over an old roof, and especially if your roof is over two decades old!


    Your Roof’s Shingles Are in Rough Shape

    Contact your local rooferWhen shingles are curled, cracked, missing, or even bubbling, it could be that your roof has reached the end of its life.

    If you have shingles that are only showing wear in specific areas, investigate those areas with the help of a roofing contractor to determine the cause. If your entire roof is showing shingle wear, it’s time to consider a roof replacement.

    If your roof isn’t old but its shingles are still showing damage, contact your roofing contractor or the manufacturer of your shingles, as this could be a defect and you may be entitled to a reimbursement.



    Granules Are Missing

    Roof ReplacementGranules help keep shingles resistant to damage and wear, thus playing a major role in the lifespan of your roof.

    If your gutters contain a significant amount of granules, your roof might be approaching the need for replacement. You might even be seeing darker areas on your roof. While dark streaks can be indicative of algae, dark areas or patches could point to missing granules and therefore compromised roof shingles.

    When the shingle’s granules are missing, the shingle won’t be able to properly do its job. Shingles tend to lose more granules as they age, so the amount of granules you’re seeing could help you know whether or not you need a new roof.



    Your Flashing Is Damaged

    New RoofFlashing around chimneys and roofing vents play an instrumental part in keeping water out of these important areas on your roof.


    If your flashing is aged and consists of tar (or even cement), it might be time to consider a roof replacement that incorporates a metal flashing system, which can help create a seamless barrier and prevent leaks.


    Your Roof’s Structure Is Compromised


    Signs to replace roofIf your roof feels spongy or bouncy while walking on it, the underlying structure might be damaged from moisture.

    You can investigate your attic to see if daylight is coming through the roof boards or to check for moisture in the insulation. If your roof’s structure is compromised, this is unsafe for your home and should be promptly evaluated by a professional roofing contractor. 

    Are you seeing these signs on your home’s current roof? If so, it might be time for a new roof. An assessment from a professional roofing contractor can help you know for sure. Get in touch with your local roofing professionals to evaluate the status of your current roof!



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  • Is Your Roof in Need of a Repair or a Replacement?

    6 April 2018

    Is Your Roof in Need of a Repair or a Replacement?


    Keeping up with your roof maintenance is one of the biggest tasks every homeowner faces. Just because you have a brand-new roof doesn’t mean you’re in the clear for avoiding problems. Storm damage, manufacturer defects, and neglect can all impact the life of a roof.

    The best thing you can do for your roof is to be aware of its condition and how it’s holding up, regardless of how new your roof is. Being mindful of problems can mean the difference between a simple repair or a total replacement.

    Is your roof doing its job? Here are a few key points that can help you tell if your roof is in need of a repair or a replacement.


    Assess Any Interior Damage


    Shingle ProblemsJust because you don’t have an interior leak doesn’t mean your roof is doing its job properly.

    It’s important to inspect your attic for water damage or even standing water. If there is evidence that water has been there, it’s time to call in a professional roofing contractor to assess the problem.

    If you can see stains where water has been on your interior ceilings or walls, this could indicate water damage from the roof. You may have water coming in from a structural problem or missing shingles and aren’t aware of it until you see evidence or damage that the water has caused.

    Interior damage could indicate a roof replacement, which may be more cost effective than an extensive repair, especially if the moisture has been causing more damage than you realize.


    Check for Shingle Problems


    Find a local contractorShingles can provide insight into the health of your roof. They’re an essential component of your roofing system, keeping moisture out and protecting the structure underneath.

    Noticeable shingle problems, including cracked or curling shingles, shingles that are missing or loose, or mold or mildew on your roof, are all signs that the shingles may have reached the end of their life and need to be replaced.

    If your roof is relatively new, shingle damage could be a manufacturer’s defect and may be covered under warranty. If your roof is getting up in years, these types of shingle damage may indicate it’s getting close to replacement time!


    Consider Storm Damage


    Local Roofing CompanyYour roof was designed and installed to protect your home from the elements. However, no roof is completely impervious to all damage, including damage from storms.

    Storms that bring high-speed winds, driving rains, hail, and debris such as tree limbs on your roof can all cause damage. Extensive storm damage is best repaired by the company that installed your roof, but you shouldn’t need a total replacement unless the damage is so extensive that your roofing system has been compromised.

    Storm damage may only constitute a repair if your roof is in good standing. Roofs that are old or show extensive damage may be in need of a replacement after a bad storm.


    What Does Your Roof Need?


    Shingle ProblemsAlthough keeping up with your roof’s performance is a good idea for every homeowner, it’s always best to consult with a professional roofing contractor to determine exactly what your roof needs.

    These skilled craftsman can tell if a leak is present, if your roof just needs an easy repair, or if a replacement is in your future. They can also conduct closer inspections that may be too risky for many homeowners to attempt, such as getting up on a steep rooftop.

    Contact your local roofing professionals today to gain greater insight into the health of your roof and best determine what it needs to continue protecting your home!



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  • How To Find the best roofing contractors near me

    27 March 2018
    Find The Best Local Company

    How to Find the Best Roofing Contractors Near Me


    Searching for roofing contractors near me requires a bit of work but will be well worth the effort. When looking for the right contractor, it’s essential to evaluate the companies you find as well as the estimates you receive in order to find the best contractor for you.

    What exactly should you be evaluating these companies for? There are a few things every homeowner should look for when getting an estimate from a reputable roofing company in the area. Here’s how to find the best roofing contractors near me.


    Verify Their Business License


    Roof CompaniesWhen you’re trying to find roofing contractors near me, you’ll want a company with a business license. This is easy enough to verify and will help ensure you’re working with a real company that has the experience and knowledge to be licensed in your state.

    To verify their license number, you can look the company up with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if the company is registered there. Any company worthy of your roofing job will have a current business license to practice their trade in your area.


    Ask About Worker’s Compensation Insurance


    Find The Right roofing companyThe right roofing contractor will have the proper insurance and won’t hesitate to share confirmation of their insurance policy with you. In addition, when looking for roofing contractors near me, you should verify that the company has worker’s comp insurance. This is in the event that one of their employees gets injured on your property.

    You should also confirm that the company has general liability insurance. This is not only to protect you, the homeowner, but also to protect their business. If you’re in the market for a roofing contractor and find a company without any proof of insurance, continue your search elsewhere.


    Get Manufacturer Warranties in Print


    Best Roofing CompanyGetting a new roof means your home’s safety will be dependent on the materials your roofing company chooses to use. When looking for roofing contractors near me, ask for manufacturer warranties in writing so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

    These include the manufacturer’s warranty on materials, which typically only covers roofing materials. In addition, the manufacturer may also offer a system warranty will cover some types of defective workmanship. These warranties will have time and monetary limits, so you need to review the paperwork carefully when evaluating roofing contractors near me to be sure of what you’re getting.

    These warranties should both come in conjunction with the roofing company’s own craftsmanship warranty, which should cover any defective work and materials for a shorter period of time than the manufacturer’s warranties.


    Listen to Your Instincts


    Best RoofingWhen evaluating roofing contractors near me, it’s essential to listen to your instincts. Don’t be rushed into signing a contract; you’ll want to take your time to carefully review the contract and discuss any areas in question or of concern with the company.

    Remember to be wary of companies that ask you to pay the full amount up front or ask for cash. Don’t agree to or sign anything until you’ve had time to properly evaluate the company and review the warranties in addition to confirming their business license and insurance policy.

    A professional, verified company might not give you the cheapest estimate, but if you’re able to verify all their information and feel comfortable with them, this could be the company for you. Keep in mind that your cheapest estimate may not be the best choice.

    When you’re in the market for roofing contractors near me, conducting the proper research before choosing a company can help you make the right choice. Taking these steps can ensure you’ll have a quality company for the job!


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