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Northern Virginia Building Industry AssociationMetal roofing has long been tradition in the United States of America. Thomas Jefferson was one of the first advocates of tin roofing, his beloved Monticello's roof was built with a standing seam metal roof. In 1857 a very early metal roof in the South was installed on the United States Mint in New Orleans.

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With the strength of the 20-gauge galvanized, corrugated iron roof on iron trusses, the new mint was protected from fire. It's architect Benjamin H. Latrobe even used sheet iron to restore the roof of Princeton's Nassau Hall, that was almost destroyed by an early 1800's fire. Through every single stage of The United States of America's development, metal roofing has been there in some form or another. The popularity of metal roofing has increased over the past 20 years.

  • Long Life Expectancy
  • Structural Integrity
  • Beautiful Style Options

Better Business BureauThis is a clear sign that builders and homeowners are growing more aware of the benefits metal roofs have. During the last 10 years high-tech metal roofing materials have hit the market making them much more desirable. These certainly are not tin barn roofs that come to mind when picturing of metal roofs. These are high-tech aesthetically pleasing, light weight, fire-resistant roofing that you see on many high-end modern houses.

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Five Star RatedMetal roofs are popular for their speed of installation qualities, longevity, and fire-resistance. Metal roofs best characteristic is that they help homeowners save energy on cooling bills, they basically pay for themselves. Metal roofing materials are made primarily from steel and aluminum, but other materials, such as alloys and copper, can be used but can be more expensive. Aluminum and steel are the most sensible and common of roofing materials because they are much more cost effective, they also hold paint finishes well and are extremely durable. Aluminum is a somewhat soft metal it is more prone to damage and denting. Aluminum is also much more expensive than steel is. However, aluminum will not corrode how steel can if the finish is to be compromised.

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YelpMetal roofing is proven to be more much more durable than most of the other roofing materials available. Because of this metal roofing has very low life cycle costs. Metal roofing is exceptionally sustainable and can contain recycled content. They can last longer than the majority of non-metal roofs and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. Metal roofs can be designed to withstand hurricane strength winds. Metal roofing is on the cutting edge of technology with many choices of colors, finishes, and designs that provide a higher energy savings compared to other roofing materials. In the past, metal roofs where thought of as looking like the ones on sheds or barns, or in commercial construction that you may see used for warehouses. Currently metal roofing products are available to fit every type of architectural style you can think of. These days you could see modern metal roofs houses such as a Victorian in New England or a Spanish Colonial in Southern California.

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Residential metal roofing is generally made of copper, aluminum, or steel. Aluminum sheets do not require a metallic coating but actually do get painted. Request a FREE Roofing Estimate Copper, often thought of as a natural metal product, isn't painted or coated, being that it weathers without any corrosion.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Wind Resistance
  • Low Maintenance

Copper is at times used for special features, such as the roof of a special bay window. Steel roofing products are coated with either galvanized zinc or a mixture of aluminum and zinc called galvalume or zincalume. Out of the two, galvalume offers a longer service. The coatings are typically offered in several thicknesses the thicker the coating means the longer the service.

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