How to get a Certified Roofing System Inspection

If you decide you want a Certified Roofing System inspection, we will return your call and/or e-mail you to arrange an appointment for one our technicians to make a full inspection of your roof. You do not need to be home when we make the inspection.

Our Certified Roofing System inspection covers the following areas:

  • Eaves — for aging, water damage, and dry rot.
  • Shingles — for granule loss, aging, mold, wear, cracks, blisters, ice dams or other damage.
  • Roof penetrations — Chimneys, vent stacks, attic fans cowlings and others.
  • Soffits — for aging, water damage, dry rot and evidence of poor ventilation.
  • Gables — for aging, water damage, and dry rot.
  • Hips, valleys, and ridges — for sign of water damage or leakage.
  • Gutters — to ensure that they keep the roof clear of water.

We will then prepare an inspection certificate that lists the problems or potential problems a list of preventive actions that may be needed. Our technician will estimate the time in which action must be taken in order to prevent damage. We will sign and date the inspection for your records. If the inspection is being done in conjunction with an insurance claim for damage, we will provide photographs along with the inspection.

If you would like, we will also prepare a FREE PROPOSAL for roof replacement at that time.

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