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Vinyl Siding Northern Virginia

Request a FREE Roofing EstimateInstalling new vinyl or fiber cement siding on your home is the most popular option for savvy homeowners looking to protect their homes for years to come. At Summit, you'll be able to choose from the premier siding products on the market that are also to the most maintenance free, and carry the most-comprehensive warranties. Check out our informational section below.

Installing Vinyl Siding

At Summit, we have a fantastic team of siding installers who have decades of experience installing replacement siding for customers in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC metro area. Vinyl is now the selection of choice for nearly all homeowners. Builders, Realtors, Investors all say that vinyl siding is the smart choice. There are two simple reasons. Vinyl lasts longer than nearly every other material (except brick or rock.)—it endures against sun, wind, rain and hail, and it never has to be painted. You have many siding profiles to create different exterior looks. You can select a traditional clapboard style, the beveled look of a dutchlap panel, or the old-fashioned charm of a beaded panel. Your home can have an exterior that is slick and modern or one that is rustic and comfortable.

Important Things To Know

Gauge - This is the thickness of the panel. The higher the gauge (or panel thickness), the better the panel. Thicker panels offer greater impact and weather resistance. Thicker panels also are more rigid so they will hang straighter and flatter against the wall for a more attractive finished installation. Owens Corning offers siding in gauges from economical .040" to premium .048".

Molded Wood Grain - Vinyl siding is molded with different wood grains to offer different exterior looks. Smooth grains tend to work well with homes with more traditional designs, but also work well with contemporary architectural styles. More pronounced grains tend to give homes a more rustic appearance.

Request a FREE Roofing EstimateBy the Square - Vinyl siding is sold by the "squares." Each square of siding covers 100 square feet, and shipping cartons from the manufacturer contain two squares. You can estimate how many squares you will need for your house—determine the square footage of each side of your home and divide by 100. Don't worry about subtracting windows and doorways from the measurements. Add 10 percent to account for cutting and wastage. Summit Roofing provides free estimates which include properly measuring your home.

A Variety Of Styles To Choose From

Style, Performance and ValueYou can select the right siding for your home by considering the architectural style, the environmental conditions such as wind and hail, and your budget. Owens Corning has organized our siding lines into three series to help you focus on what is most important to you.

Design and Style - If you are looking for siding that brings out the unique design elements of your home's exterior, the Architectural Series offers a range of possibilities. Whether you like the distinctive style of Beaded or Narrow Plank panels, or you want to enhance your home with rich, real-wood color, this series fills the bill. There's even siding with the look of hand-cut cedar shakes or old-fashioned decorative scallops.